Nicolas Sorin

Vocals & keyboards.

Nicolas Sorin started his music career at Berklee College of Music where he studied with Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider and Vuk Kulenovic.

In a brief period of time his music was being performed throughout the United States and Europe by Symphonic Orquestras and Big Bands. At the age of 21 he was awarded with both Cóndor and Clarín Awards for the music score of the lm Historias Minimas as well as two nominations for the Latin Grammy’s 2007 and 2010 as a producer.

He has worked in Europe with artists like Miguel Bose, Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, and Jovanotti and has conducted prestigious orchestras such as the London Session Orchestra, the Mexico Symphony Orchestra and the Henry Mancini Orchestra among others. He is composing actively and performing with groups such as Sorin, Octafonic, Piazzolla Electronico, Fernandez 4 and Eruca Sativa.

He was the creator, leader and driving force behind ”Octafonic”, winner of 2 Gardel Music Awards in 2015: “Best New Artist” and “Best Rock Artist” (Awards put together by Argentina’s Music Chamber CAPIF, akin to Grammy Awards).

In 2018, Nicolas was one of the 3 composers of Argentum, the 40-minute Suite that premiered at the G-20 Summit at Teatro Colón (Nov 30th. 2018) attended by World Leaders and Presidents from 20 countries. He also was the superb Orchestra Director of this suite that thrilled everyone that special evenning.


  • Laif – Sorin (composer – singer) 2019
  • Mute – Fernandez 4 (singer) 2016
  • Mini Buda – Octafonic (composer – singer) 2016
  • No Fear – Fernandez 4 (singer) 2014
  • Monster – Octafonic (composer – singer) 2014
  • Papitwo – Miguel Bose (producer-arranger) 2012
  • Estaciones porteñas – Piazzolla electronico (keyboards) 2012
  • Indisciplina – Mariana Bianchini (arranger) 2012
  • Pajaro de Fuego – Esteban Sehinkman (singer) 2012
  • Volume II – Ensamble Real Book (producer-arranger) 2011
  • Nilda Fernandez- Nilda Fernandez (producer-arranger) 2011
  • Triumph – Ferenc Nemeth (arranger) 2011
  • Cardio – Miguel Bose (composer -producer) 2010
  • Jauria – Jauria (arranger) 2010
    Among many others.


  • Gardel Awards 2015 for Octafonic’s debut album Monster: Best New Artist, Best Rock Artist
  • Condor Award 2012 for best film score (El Gato Desaparece)
  • Latin Grammy 2010 nominee, Best Album of the Year for the album Cardio.
  • Clarin Award 2008 nomination for Jazz Revelation.
  • Latin Grammy 2007 Nominee, Best Album of the Year for the album Papito.
  • Condor Award 2007 nomination for the music of the lm El Camino de San Diego.
  • Condor Award 2004 nomination for the music of the lm El Perro.
  • Clarin Award 2002 for best lm score (Historias Minimas).
  • Condor Award 2002 for best lm score (Historias Minimas).
  • Robert Ayasse Memorial Award, Boston, 2002.
  • Julius Hemphill Jazz Competition Honorable Mention, 2002.
  • ASCAP Scholarship Recipient Award, Lincoln Center, Nueva York, 2001.
  • Charles Mingus Award, Berklee College of Music, 2001.