Mariano Sívori

Double & Electric Bass.

Bassist and composer, is one of the most active in the jazz scene in Argentina. Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, when he was 5 years old, he went to Luna Park, a famous concert arena in Buenos Aires, for the Weather Report concert. He was so moved by the music and his bassist, Jaco Pastorious, that it became a turning point in his life and his vocation.

At that early age he started to study music, first at Collegium Musicum when he was only 9, then attending to J. P. Esnaola School oriented in musical studies where he focused on piano as main instrument and studying electric bass under Carlos Madariaga’s guidance at the same time. He was then admitted at the National Conservatory of Music where he focused on acoustic bass studying with professor Pastor Mora.

In 1998 Mariano attended The Bass Collective of New York where he studied with musicians such as John Patitucci, Lincoln Goines, Zev Katz, Joe Fitzgerald to name just a few. Back in Buenos Aires he continued his studies with Javier Dragun, Juan Pablo Navarro, Hernán Merlo, Manolo Juarez, Juan «Pollo» Raffo, David Horta and Guillermo Klein.

Since the very beginning, he is part of the Escalandrum band, one of the well known local bands of all times that has performed in almost the entire country, rest of the Americas and Europe, winning the Konex Award for the Most Influential Band of the Decade.

As a performer, he recorded and played with diferent national and international artists applying di erent styles. He recorded music for films, theatre, musicals, documentaries and tv shows as well. He is currently involved in various projects including: Fernandez4, Real Book Argentina Ensamble, Lucio Balduini quartet, among others.


He has played and/or recorded alongside: Esteban Sehikman, Manolo Juarez, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Mariano Loiacono, Lito Epumer, Ernesto Snajer, Diego Schissi, Abel Rogantini, Oscar Feldman, M. Coelho, Richard Nant, Erling Kroner, Del na Oliver, Ligia Piro, Nora Sarmoria, Ricardo Nolé, Pablo Rodriguez, Carlos Michelini, Gustavo Bergalli, Sid Jacobs, Alejandro Demogli, Francisco Lovuolo, Juan Suarez, among others.

In 2009 he won the grant awarded by the Fondo Metropolitano de Cultura, las Artes y las Ciencias to record and produce his rst single record No Dogma edited by BAU Records. The album finally came out in September 2010 and it received very favourable critiques. This album has been chosen as the best of 2010 by Revista Ñ (Clarin), El Amante and El Intruso, all major local references.